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Western Cause is a unique and special nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping solve many problems in Western Kenya, Africa. Whether we are supplying books and educational supplies to school children, distributing Bibles to rural areas, purchasing motorbikes for pastors to visit their congregations, supporting the building and development of school buildings and churches, we are dedicated to helping build a better future for Kenya’s children, families, and communities.


Our charity organization's partners:

  • Are fully vetted, meeting some of the strictest tests of fiscal accountability, governance, and programmatic impact in philanthropy.

  • Have a track record of introducing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

  • Partner with each other and share best practices for maximum efficiency and top results.


A one-time or recurring donation to Western Cause helps support the work we do. ​


Help is needed now to:


  • Purchase educational materials eg, books, pencils, rubbers, chalk etc...

  • Provide meals for pupils​

  • Purchase land where we can build good modern classes and subsequent expansion of the school

Compared to the cost of living in the UK, the cost of feeding a child in Kenya is minimal. For example, £10 can give a child in school 1 meal a day for 4 weeks, this is less than the cost of a cinema ticket. 


Providing nutritious meals in schools has been proven to increase attendance. Many parents often cannot provide food for their children at home; the promise of a healthy school meal per day encourages parents to send their children to school. Children are much more likely to concentrate when they are well-nourished.

Thank You.

Western Cause relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters.

You can choose to make either a single or monthly donation via Paypal.



Send a cheque payable to Western Cause 

103 Nutfield Road

Thornton Heath

Croydon, CR7 7DR

Bible Distribution


​Western Cause aims to see as many churches established and equipped with the word of God by providing people with their own copy of the bible.

Motorbikes for Pastors


Transportation is a strategic tool for a pastor’s ministry. Many indigenous pastors working in rural areas are limited to walking.  A motorbike will help a pastor expand their outreach.

Building for Tomorrow


The church is willing to implement a building project if funding could be found. A proper brick building can cost £3,500 to £4,000. You can help this church provide better classrooms for these children.