Pledge your birthday and help transform lives

Why pledge your birthday?

Receiving presents are great! Birthdays are joyful occasions! However, now you can use your birthday to help children less fortunate. 


Not all children grow up in a family, sadly many grow up in orphanages. Many such children who live in institutions rarely get the chance to celebrate their birthdays. If they were abandoned as babies they may not even know their actual date of birth. That’s why we are asking you to pledge your birthday so that we can add joy and give these children a chance to feel loved.​

how do i make a pledge?

here are some ways tO raise money.


The first step is simple - register your birthday pledge then click on the birthday donation button and select an amount you wish to give.

We would love you to share this with friends and family.


You can do something amazing with your birthday by asking friends and family to donate to Western Cause.

If today is not your birthday, just fill out the form below to pledge your birthday. When the day gets near, we’ll send you a reminder.

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