Sponsor A School


Why Sponsor?


For as little as £10.00 per month, poor parents in Western Kenya can now receive the quality education that we believe will give children a future outside poverty.


Our school sponsorship programme is an effective way of helping many children in poor communities get a good start in life. Our goal is to help schools provide a good education in their local communities.


You can be part of something special!


It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Schools and a good education is an important part of that.


As a sponsor, you will receive a detailed profile of the school that Western Cause is working with and updates on the progress of that school.


Your donations play an invaluable part in making the schools a success.​

"Donate today because learning can't wait."

Many of the children at New Light Academy are needy and therefore they cannot afford to pay school fees and when they can it's usually in instalments making it difficult for the school to run smoothly. 


The school has a monthly rent of 10,000 Ksh (approximately £76.00) for its classrooms.


The premises are located in an area subjected to flooding making the environment less conducive for the pupils.

Help is needed now to:


  • Purchase educational materials eg, books, pencils, rubbers, chalk etc...

  • Provide meals for pupils​

  • Purchase land where we can build good modern classes and subsequent expansion of the school


Compared to the cost of living in the UK, the cost of feeding a child in Kenya is minimal. For example, £10 can give a child in school 1 meal a day for 4 weeks, this is less than the cost of a cinema ticket. 


Providing nutritious meals in schools has been proven to increase attendance. Many parents often cannot provide food for their children at home; the promise of a healthy school meal per day encourages parents to send their children to school. Children are much more likely to concentrate when they are well-nourished.

Graduating Service for Grade One Students 

New Light Academy

October 2018

Graduation service
Graduation service

Graduatioin service

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Graduation service
Graduation service

Graduatioin service

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