​About Western Cause

Pastor Clive Atkins, former minister of Suffolks Baptist Church, Enfield London, founded Western Cause in 2018

Suffolks Baptist church is a prayer partner and supporter of Bishop Joseph Maisha founder of Ushindi Baptist church, Mombasa. Bishop Joseph works with aids orphan as well as overseeing Ushindi Secondary school.

The church has grown with branches all over Kenya with a strong presence in Mombasa and Nairobi.


In May 2018, I returned from a second visit to Kenya, with the Western Region being my focus.

Kenya's western region faces many challenges including poverty.


Witnessing for myself the poverty in which children and their families live in is something that will stay with me forever.

After my visit, I was asking myself what I could do. I cannot walk away from this. I cannot forget what I had seen and experienced.

My connection with Bishop Joseph and the Ushindi Ministry provides a ready-made platform to channel support.

I am passionate about our partnership and with your support believe that we can make a difference.

Clive Atkins

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